Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Life teaches us things.
Yesterday’s experience is tomorrow’s compass,
a guideline to draw our future path.
In our private life, in our work and in our business.

Every day we are being challenged. Today more than ever. We need resilience. Sometimes we are even forced to reinvent ourselves.
But the good news is, that it’s something we can learn. We can learn from our experiences.

Our lifestory is built from experiences. Yesterday’s experiences make us who we are today.
We gather new experiences every day. Sometimes they are pleasant. Sometimes they are challenging or even real plot twists.

We may see them as threats. But we can learn to see them as opportunities instead. We can learn to turn negative thoughts into a positive mindset. We can learn to use our experiences from the past as a guiding tool for the future. In our daily life, in our work, in our business.

Coming on a Nefelibata Journey may be the first step on your future path.

Let me take you on a Journey!

What’s in a Nefelibata Journey?

Nefelibata Journeys are guided sessions and activities for individuals and companies who want to (re)draw their future path.

  • Personal guidance
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Strategy exercises
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Individual or in groups
  • Indoor or outdoor

They can be organized online, in-company, at Casa Nefelibata or at any other inspiring location (taking all COVID-19 measures into account).

Journeys for individuals are marked to benefit personal well-being, to help you grow as an individual, in your daily life and/or in your work or in your business.

Tailored programmes for companies.
It’s all about people. After all, it’s people who build a business.

Nefelibata Journeys are inspired by the road I walked (and still walk). In my personal life. In my business.

Nefelibata Journeys contribute to helping you find and/or keep in mind your ‘Why’ and to help you draw your future path.

‘Grow Your Dream’ Journeys

Personal growth Journey

Business growth Journey

Partner Journeys

25/07 – Workshop
Reduce stress & increase resilience in your daily life

01/08 – Workshop Pranayama,
the wisdom of the breath

Book your personal yoga teacher
for a private outdoor yoga session

Experience Braga & Bom Jesus

A walk to Bom Jesus using all your senses

Experience a Magnificent Sunset at Bom Jesus

Experience the Magic of Bom Jesus
with all your senses