The Story of Chá Camélia

It was my first trip after arriving at my new home in Portugal, in September 2019. The trip led me to Fornelo, a small village between Braga and Porto, near the ocean. An event called ‘Festa do Chá’ had triggered my attention. It was a celebration of the first harvest of the flowers of the Camellia Sinensis at a place called Chá Camélia. For me it was the first time ever I saw tea plants and a tea plantation in real life, so my curiosity was pretty intense.

So, In september 2021 I want to walk the Caminho Português da Costa. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to prepare properly
How do I start? When do I start preparing? And so many other question that I can only ask one person.
Inge Compen is definitely the most experienced walker of the Camino de Santiago I know.
I asked her to be the ‘godmother’ of my project.
And I raised a first question:
“Inge, what makes people want to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostella?”