– A cloud walker; one who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art;
– An unconventional, unorthodox person.

From Portuguese “nephele” cloud and “batha” – a place where you can walk.

Ann Kempeneers

About me

Hi, I’m Ann. Before arriving in Portugal, in 2019, I built over 30 years of professional experience, of which 20 years as an entrepreneur.
I have guided over 150 small companies and organisations in Belgium.

My expertise is in strategic communication. I help my clients grow a solid business by teaching them how to build a positive reputation.

Today I live and work in Braga, Northern Portugal.

My move was a result of an inner journey, after getting stuck in a burn-out.

In Portugal I found a place which seemed to be meant for me. Or perhaps the place found me.

I created my new business, ‘Nefelibata’. Being Nefelibata means living your own dream, in an unconventional way, being a ‘cloud walker’. In other words: if you really want to achieve something, either in your business or in your private life, you can gain the strength and the confidence to do it and to make your dream happen. Guided by a positive mindset.

With Nefelibata I want to pass both my business and personal experiences onto anyone who is open to it, whether an entrepreneur or not. So, I take people on a walk, just as I have been and still am.

I am very happy that I can continue to grow my dream every day. I keep g(r)o(w)ing, with an open mindset and with confidence. I have made a goal of passing my experience onto others, through the things I do every day.

The ‘Why’ of Nefelibata

Positive thinking, a positive mindset and positivity in general contribute to improved quality of life.

Developing a positive mindset helps to see possibilities and solutions when facing challenges and difficulties.
It is the path that leads to reaching goals and to personal and business growth.

Nefelibata’s reasons to exist:

  • my strong belief in the power of positive thinking and connecting dots;
  • my strong will to impact on global mindset through positive attitude and positive communication;
  • my strong will to contribute to personal and business growth.

The Ambition of Nefelibata


By sharing my personal story and experiences, I want to encourage people to listen to their heart and to do what they feel they should do, with confidence and without fear of judgmental response.


Bringing people together is often the start of something new. Sharing experiences, matching visions and ideas, leads to new opportunities and initiatives. I want to build bridges and crossroads, connect people and businesses, generating cross contamination beyond borders.

Reach tools

  • Positive stories and experiences are powerful tools that can help people and businesses grow. I want to teach companies how they can use their own positive experiences to make their business grow.
  • Positive thinking helps to cope with challenges in daily life. By organizing and facilitating activities I want to help people develop and nourish a positive mindset, grow resilience and find the courage to set for their true goals for life.


My personal values have made me who I am and have brought me where I am today. They are my guiding tools, both in my private life and in my business.


I strongly believe that anything is possible if you let go of what blocks you, let go of negativity and if you keep faith and trust in a good outcome, even in challenging situations.


Non judgmental acceptance of people, ideas and visions, also when they are different from your own.


I place a high value on the possibility to express one’s own sincere thoughts and feelings, with utmost respect for integrity. Being allowed to speak up in an open, honest, respectful and positive way without judging or being judged is an important form of mutual respect.


Pureness, allowed to be, to show and to express who we are, without judging or fear of being judged.

The Story of Nefelibata

Sobre desafios, reinventar-se e a coragem de sonhar

Esta entrevista foi publicada no boletim de Janeiro de 2021 da CCLBL (Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa).

Over uitdagingen, heruitvinden en durven dromen

Dit interview werd gepubliceerd in de nieuwsbrief van januari 2021 van CCLBL (Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa).

Challenges, reinvention and daring to dream

This interview was published in the January newsletter of CCLBL (Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa).

Article in English, Portuguese and Dutch.