Positive Stories make your business grow

B2B strategic marketing communication & Reputation Management

Let’s admit, we’re all charmed when we get a compliment or when someone tells something positive about us.

It’s a sign of recognition, we feel seen, accepted, rewarded for who we are and what we do. It makes us grow a bit taller!

On the other hand, we also look for positive reviews, experiences, recommendations when we want to travel, go to a restaurant or buy a new sofa. We value the opinion and experiences of others over any publicity or advertisement.

Any entrepreneur, small or big business owner, sales director or marketer is aware of this. They all put great effort in encouraging their clients to express their satisfaction and to share their positive experiences publicly on social media, Google, TripAdvisor or any other platform.

But what if your client’s positive experience doesn’t find its way to your communication channels?
How can you turn the story of a happy customer into a valuable marketing tool when it remains unwritten?
How can you use Customers’ Experiences as a strategic tool to make your business grow?

I’ll be happy to tell you, from my 30 years of experience, about the impact of Positive Stories on your business!