Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Life teaches us things.
Yesterday’s experience is tomorrow’s compass,
a guideline to draw our future path.
In our private life, in our work and in our business.

Every day we are being challenged. Today more than ever. We need resilience. Sometimes we are even forced to reinvent ourselves.
But the good news is, that it’s something we can learn. We can learn from our experiences.

Our lifestory is built from experiences. Yesterday’s experiences make us who we are today.
We gather new experiences every day. Sometimes they are pleasant. Sometimes they are challenging or even real plot twists.

We may see them as threats. But we can learn to see them as opportunities instead. We can learn to turn negative thoughts into a positive mindset. We can learn to use our experiences from the past as a guiding tool for the future. In our daily life, in our work, in our business. Your future path starts by taking the first step.

Start to walk and the way will appear!

‘Pause & Reflect’ – Exclusive and individual programme

Nothing happens until something moves…

Before I moved to Portugal, I have been struggling for years, being stuck in a negative mindset. I tried to find a way out, but I didn’t succeed. I kept spinning in circles in my mind.

Nothing changed. Not until I had the courage to admit that on my own I would not get out of my (un)comfort(able) zone. Not until I had the courage to start moving something. Because nothing changes until you decide to take the first step towards change.

I have looked at myself through a magnifying glass, or even through a microscope. I have looked in the mirror and learned to be happy with whom I saw. I have learned. I have learned a lot. And I have practiced. I have used the tools which I had been reached and those which I found in the principles of Positive Psychology.

I have learned to put first myself and my values. I have learned to listen to my heart. I have learned to say ‘Yes’ to myself and ‘No’ to what doesn’t resonate with who I am. I have learned to do what I feel I should do. To let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore and of the things I cannot change.


By taking the first step. And another one, and another one. When you start to walk, the way will appear.
I have learned to keep my positive mindset, making use of the tools I was reached. I have taught myself to reach out for my tools when I tend to lose sight. Both in my private life and in my work. I deal in a different way with pressure, stress and ‘have to’. Life has become much easier for me ever since. The load on my shoulder has become much lighter. The world hasn’t changed, but the way I look at it has.

Exclusive guidance programme: personal, tailored and individual in a 1-on-1 setting

In 2022 I will take two people on an exclusive journey! During one week in Northern Portugal!

Yes, only two people! One in spring, and one in fall, the times of the year when Northern Portugal is at its most beautiful.
Exclusive while every journey is individual and customized.

This programme is based on Positive Psychology and inspired by the road I walked (and still walk). In my personal life. In my business.
In this programme I will reach you tools and I will guide you on how to use them in your daily life.

Will you be one of those two people? Will this be your first step?