Beautiful Scars – inspired by Kintsugi

When things turn different.

Changes have an impact on humans.
Some events in life affect us forever.
Sometimes they make us happy, sometimes they cause pain, sorrow.
Loss, setback, disappointment or fate can leave deep wounds. And scars.

The real impact of the pandemic is not yet clear today, but it will cut like a knive, for sure.

Our lives are marked by scars, big ones and small ones. Time heals and soothes. But they don’t disappear completely. They remain part of us.

We can learn to deal with scars that are difficult to heal. We can learn to see them as part of our whole. Learn to accept that they make us who we have become. Learn to see how they make our lives more beautiful and richer. Learn how they become Beautiful Scars.

‘Beautiful Scars’ is about LETTING GO of what was and about embracing what is.
The pandemic will challenge all of us to deal with it. In our family, with our friends, in our social life and in our work.
There are so many things we miss today. There are things that we will only be able to do differently or perhaps not anymore in the future.

‘Beautiful Scars’ is about NOW.
Yesterday is over. It does not serve us anymore today. At least not in the same way.
We can let go, put together the remains and turn them into beautiful memories. Yesterday will serve us in a different way in the future.

‘Beautiful Scars’ is about HEALING.
Learning to accept what is. Learning to accept that things are different today than they were yesterday. But no less beautiful for that. Perfectly imperfect. Wabi-sabi. Inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese art in which broken objects are repaired and the fracture lines are emphasized with a gold layer. The break is not gone, but we look at it in a different way. We embrace it. We accept it. As a perfect imperfection.

Like Beautiful Scars.


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