Braga, hiking paradise in Northern Portugal

Braga, in Northern Portugal, is the homebase of Nefelibata. The city was voted European Best Destination 2021.
It offers a combination of history and dynamic. A combination of beautiful monuments in the historical city centre and the silence of nature.

Braga has over 280 km of documented pedestrian routes. A year of travelling restrictions and lockdowns, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraged me to discover a tiny part of it. I explored the large area around Casa Nefelibata, in the East of Braga, at the foot of Bom Jesus do Monte. It gave me the opportunity to draw my own pedestrian portfolio, with a variety of distances and landscapes. And with a variety of sensory experiences.

Nefelibata’s Sensory Walks are not about the distance or the destination, they’re all about senses.

Come and see, hear, smell, taste, feel for yourself.

Let me take you on a walk in Braga!

It‘s not about the distance or the destination, it’s about the experience

The walks are basically in 3 themes, let’s say at 3 different locations in Braga:

  • Climbing the Stairs of Bom Jesus do Monte, a metaphor for life
  • Thematic walks in the historic centre of Braga
  • Hiking in Este, the greenest part of Braga (loops, daytrips, hiking weekends, hiking holidays, B2B inspirational walks, …)

Every walk is tailored and guided personally, with just one goal: offer you a mindful and sensory experience.

Experience Braga & Bom Jesus

Experience Braga with all your senses

Hiking in Este, the greenest part of Braga

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